A man is rolling bright yellow paint onto a wall using a scaffold

So...there it is. Your aunt finally told you why she called. She wants you to help paint her wall, you know, the high one. You have options. You can say no to Aunt Jackie (yikes); wing it and build an elaborate, homemade climbing apparatus with multiple ladders and 40 zip ties and have a young child throw paint cans to you (some things should not be winged); partake of Rent-A-Tool’s Lift and Scaffolding rental; or make up an excuse.*

Assuming you are not comfortable with lying (see note at bottom), you’ll be better off with some of our equipment. We recommend for your own safety and sanity that you use our lift and scaffolding rental service to accomplish your goals. These are tools, but they are tools that can save your life. And, most modestly-sized businesses and homes do not have the storage to house a scissor lift the size of a mail truck that they’ll use once a year. That’s where we come in. 

For a complete list of our inventory of tools and equipment, click here. Specific to us today, here’s what we carry:


  • Casters
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Extra Braces
  • Deck Planks
  • Ends, 5’X5’ and 2’X6’


  • Scissor Lift 20’
  • Man Lift 50’ Towable

Our promise to you is that we will offer quality, safe, ready-to-go products at a reasonable price. For over 40 years, Rent-A-Tool has had a passion and dedication that has developed into excellent customer service and a great reputation. Well, we have no intention of slowing down, so if you have a need for a tool or piece of equipment, don’t hesitate to call or come by. Contact us here. We look forward to earning your trust and your business! 

*As a matter of best practice, keep your excuses vague. Any seasoned liar will tell you that elaboration and specifics are for amateurs. You don’t want to have to remember that when Aunt Jackie is around, you have a left elbow bone spur that hurts when you extend it downward and to the right. No, no. Just say you have some joint issues (and be sure to leave it plural). Or tell her that the kids have “activities,” neverminding that the activities are to watch you sit in your favorite chair, you know, not painting.

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