A picture of a JET 1 ton screw jack

The nice thing about any lifting aids is they level the playing field. You don’t need to be Mr. Universe to change your own tire as long as you have a good jack in your car. The same goes with lifting everything from objects as big as steel beams for a skyscraper to as small as raising up a garbage disposal under a sink for installation. At Rent-A-Tool, we carry two of the more common types for the average user: a screw jack and a hydraulic jack. 

Which of the two types will help you more will depend on the application of course. Here are some properties and advantages for each kind we offer:

Screw Jack

A screw jack works by the user cranking a screw that pushes a shaft upward. Although there are massive lifts based on the same technology, ours is rated at 1 ton and can be used on many household applications. Compared to the hydraulic jack, the screw jack offers some advantages:

  • Lighter, Smaller, and Less Cumbersome

  • More Precise

  • No Leakage and Loss of Pressure

  • Horizontal Crank Can Be Handy in Certain Applications

  • Controllable Distribution of Force While Cranking

Hydraulic Jack

Most jacks commonly used today operate with hydraulic technology. They are powerful, versatile, easy to use, and safe. We offer quality 12 ton jacks and 22 ton jacks to fit whatever project you may have. Though the screw jack has its place, there are good reasons why the hydraulic jack option might be better:

  • Sturdier Base

  • Easy to Lever

  • No Spinning Force Applied During Cranking

  • Vertical Crank Can Be Preferable

  • More Powerful

Back in the day, parents would have 9 kids so that one was always available during car repairs to hold the gas tank in place under the car so that the parents could fasten it easily. Most likely there were kids literally named Jack. Today, without the ninth kid, you may need a screw jack with you instead. You may still need a kid to hold a flashlight while you do it, but, hey, why have a whole other kid when you could rent a jack from us? Or rent our 500 watt floor light and save on the costs of two children. See, we’re here for you. 

But no joke, we have a massive inventory of equipment that is clean, primed, and waiting to help you tackle any project the easy way. We know our bias is thinking that everyone needs to rent tools, and that’s just not true. If you use a piece of equipment often and have the money, storage, maintenance time and knowledge, and tolerance to keep it, then buying is better. But when you don’t have those conditions, it’s awfully nice to let us maintain and protect that equipment until right when you need it. 

Contact Rent-A-Tool with any questions about your project and see what we can offer to make it easier for you. We genuinely get a kick out of helping save your body and mind a lot of trouble!