A weathered pipe with a red pipe wrench and a blue pipe wrench attached.

Are you a plumber who may be missing a tool and needs a certain piece of equipment in a pinch? Or are you a DIYer who is searching for affordable plumbing equipment rental options to help you complete a project? Here at Rent-A-Tool, we offer a variety of tool and equipment rentals that will help you get your job done the right way.

Of course, renting tools is always an affordable alternative to purchasing your own, and that’s awesome, but how do you know that Rent-A-Tool has what you really need for your project? Well, we’ll tell you! Below you’ll find a complete list of our plumbing equipment rental options so that you can decide which items you’d like to rent from us.

Our plumbing equipment rental options include: 

Pipe Cutters: We offer 2”-4” pipe cutters that you can easily rent for your plumbing needs!

Pipe Die: If you need a pipe die, we’ve got them for you! Rent-A-Tool has 1/4”- 2” pipe die with thread cutting oil included for your convenience. 

Pipe Reamer: A pipe reamer is a tool that is used for beveling or removing burrs from the ends of pipes. We offer 1/4” to 2” pipe reamers for rent. 

Pipe Vise Stand: Make your job a lot easier with a pipe vase stand rental from us! 

Tubing Cutter: Rent-A-Tool offers tubing cutters for rent, ranging in size from 3/16” to 1”. 

Benders: Our rentals include a variety of benders including 1/2” tube benders and 1/2” or 3/4” conduit benders. 

Plumbing Snakes: Our plumbing snake options include a closet auger, a 50’ electric sale mini rooter, and a 100’ electric plumbing snake. 

Super Vee Electric Rooter: In addition to our list of available plumbing snakes, we also offer Super Vee electric rooter rentals - which is a 3/8” x 25’ electric plumbing snake. 

Pipe Wrenches: We offer 24”, 36”, and 48” pipe wrenches for rent!

Of course, you’ll want to check out our equipment rental page for more information as well as to reserve your rental! If you have any questions about our plumbing equipment rental options as well as other tools we have available, feel free to contact our sales and service department and we'll be happy to help!