A red and black shop vacuum vacuuming pink carpet

One of the advantages of renting equipment and tools from Rent-A-Tool is that we can save you so much time. Sure we save you money and storage and work, but we’ve never really talked about time savings on our mighty blog. This is especially true when it comes to vacuums and sweepers. Imagine getting rid of water in your basement without a shop vacuum. So we have those. Imagine picking up hundreds of nails out of a gravel driveway after removing shingles. So we have magnetic nail sweepers. Sweeper and Vacuum rental is one critical subset of what we do and serves as an example of why we do what we do. 


Monetarily speaking, time is worth a lot. For one, time is worth whatever it costs you in labor hours charged. So if you have to pay someone $15/hour for construction help and the task of picking up nails takes them three hours, that’s a considerable amount of money wasted, not to mention the toll on morale and the body. But with our sweeper and vacuum rental, for example, you could use a magnetic nail sweeper to save money because it saves you time. Even more, all the time that worker spends picking up hardware off of a work site is time they aren’t doing something else. Losing valuable productive time is disastrous when you have deadlines and weather-related windows in which to work. And then there’s damage to tires and floors if the sharp metal pieces aren’t picked up well. Vacuums and sweepers to the rescue. 

The same is true for drywall vacuum sanders and shop vacuums. Dust and water find every cranny in the workspace to invade and it’s more than tedious and time-devouring to get it out without the right equipment. Plus, speaking of time, what about all the time these items sit unused, taking up space? You don’t need to buy and store these items if you only need them once in a while. But, when you do need them, consider using our sweeper and vacuum rental service. Rent-A-Tool is standing ready. 

On the quality of life now, time is precious. Time spent on a job - let’s say 10 hours that is twice what’s necessary - is 5 hours you aren’t spending doing what you really want to do. Evenings and weekends are too precious to spend hours doing something that might have taken minutes with the right tools. So we like to think we aren’t just supplying tools, we’re supplying time with family and fun. Another point worth mentioning is that when time is most scarce, that’s when the right tool matters most. Sucking up the water from your basement before the sheetrock gets ruined is a task that cannot wait for these tools to go on sale at a store. Better to get vacuums and sweepers from Rent-A-Tool. 

Rent-A-Tool offers:

  • Magnetic Nail Sweepers
  • Shop Vacuums
  • Upright Vacuums
  • Drywall Vacuum Sanders

Sweeper and vacuum rental provides opportunities - opportunities to make money effectively, do work easily, use space efficiently, and save time essentially. Contact Rent-A-Tool here when you need us. We’ll provide you with a great selection of quality tools and equipment, such as vacuums and sweepers!