A green nailer nailing into small pieces of wood

We find that most of the jobs that require nails, require lots and lots of nails. This can be frustrating and quite tedious without the right tools. Back in the day, hardier people would drive in the sharp metal with a hammer or, if there was no hammer available, rocks or their bare hands or foreheads. Today, thank goodness, we have nailers or nail guns. At Rent-A-Tool, if your project involves nails or staples, we likely have you covered. Let’s look at our selection.

The flooring nailer is named such because it’s designed to use cleat nails, which are designed for flooring. Cleat nails reach to the subfloor for extra support while also having a smooth surface that will allow for contracting and expanding with the weather. These nailers come in various sizes and use adjustable pressure to establish the desired depth. 

Nuzzled tightly between the brad nailer and the framing nailer in size and power, the finish nailer uses headless nails typically up to 2.5 inches in length. The sweet spot in capability makes the finish nailer perfect for trim, molding, furniture, cabinets, hardwood flooring and many more applications.    

Bigger than the finishing nailer - shooting up to 3.5 inch nails - the framing nailer finds its purpose working with thick materials like 2x4s, posts, and most boards over 1.5 inches thick or so. This nail gun has the power to penetrate the materials and fasten with adjustable depth. For any jobs that involve materials over about 1.5 inches, the framing nailer can be a life saver. 

Short and smooth, roofing nails are made to come out from time to time. That’s why they are shaped for easy removal with a large head for prying and a smooth shank for lifting out the nail. Roofing nail guns are designed to force short nails through the asphalt and leave them flush. 

The T-Nailer is the go-to anytime people wish to fasten concrete, metal, or some woods. T-nails are beefier and stronger. If you ever find yourself up against concrete or any materials that could be better served with upgraded metal and maximized shape, then consider the T-nailer.

It goes by many names and comes in many sizes, but the curved and forked end of a steel rod is a handy tool to have on any project. Demolition, mistakes, removals - common problems that require a special tool.

Rent-A-Tool has made a name for itself by providing dependable, affordable, safe and readied tools for nearly any job. Contact us and give us a chance to show off our inventory and show you why we’re known for our customer service!