tools for electrical wires

Anyone who has worked on projects - whether building, repairing, or destroying - knows the frustration of not having the right tool. The right tool can take a tedious or insufferable project, one that is in danger of some jerry-rigging or corner cutting if it were not for that right tool, and make it smoother and easier. It saves time, money, sweat, and cursing. 

At Rent-A-Tool we understand that tools are expensive and most people use them so infrequently or have such insufficient storage that owning the tools is not practical. So we provide high quality equipment and tool rental at a reasonable price. Hand tools are no exception. How many people are using a Cable Puller Stretcher on a weekly basis? Yet, when you need one, you really need one. Here are several hand tools we provide:

Crow Bar    

Also known as a wrecking bar or pry bar, the crow bar is a heavy, steel bar with one end curved used to bend, dislodge, pry, or pull objects. It also comes in handy if you are in the mob and someone owes you money. Just kidding!

Cable Puller Stretcher

Cable pullers come in many sizes. They can be used on something as small as the cables on a bicycle to something bigger like clothes lines and trellis wires. If you’ve ever needed some way to pull the slack out of a wire or stretch it, you’re looking for a cable puller stretcher. 

Tamp Concrete Hand

A handheld concrete tamper is used to press down or flatten freshly-poured concrete, often with the goal of getting the concrete into every corner and crevice of the form and leaving the surface even and free of clumps.

Wire Crimper

When a wire goes into a connector or terminal, one way to ensure the wire will stay put is to pinch the terminal with a crimper. Pliers may smash a terminal flat, but pinching/crimping is preferred to the smashing. 

If you are landing on this page, you may have searched for something close to “hand tool rental near me.” We hear your desperate cry for help and we’re one step ahead. We’ve got your hand tool rental near me right here in the Myrtle Beach area, along with the extensive inventory of other tools and equipment. So unless you just love to curse (and there’s no judgment if you do), call or come by Rent-A-Tool and we’ll get you fixed up!