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The whole rental industry is built on the idea that it’s better to borrow something you seldom use than to own it. With ownership comes upkeep, storage, liability, and the investment. That’s why Rent-A-Tool offers ladder rentals. A ladder is one of those things that when you really need to get up high, there’s no great substitute. Sure you can build a sloppy tower out of boxes and or an intricate apparatus like the Mayans, or you can borrow a ladder from a company like us at Rent-A-Tool. 

The Egyptians and Mayans were onto something when they built their structures out of rock. Unfortunately they didn’t have steel, or aluminum or fiberglass for small jobs like we do today. They wanted their ladders to the sky to last. Likewise, we offer high quality, dependable ladders. And just like all of our equipment, they are clean, safe, fully functional, and ready to go. 

We offer:

Rent-A-Tool’s guiding purpose is to provide excellent products at good prices, with fantastic service. Our staff are well trained, courteous professionals with high performance standards for both their trade and the customer care. We have been successful for over 50 years because we do everything possible to reach 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

From hammers to earthmovers to ladder rentals, we’ve got you for your equipment needs. Contact us and we’ll be here for you, and we’ll show you why we have so much repeat business and such a good reputation.