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Are you thinking about exercising your green thumb and trying your hand at landscaping your own yard? We totally understand, as completing a DIY project can be extremely rewarding for yourself as well as for others who get to enjoy your hard work in the end. Lucky for you, instead of having to go out and buy all of the landscaping tools you’ll need, we offer lawn equipment rental to help you save time and money throughout your project.

Of course, everyone’s DIY project will require different tools due to the size of the yard in question as well as the amount of work that has to be done. However, we offer a variety of tools that are useful for different DIY landscape jobs.

Lawn Equipment Rental & Landscaping Tools Offered through Rent-A-Tool

In our other DIY blog posts we give specific steps for a project and tell you what tools you’ll most likely need to rent. But landscaping projects vary so greatly that we decided to approach this blog post a little differently. Instead, we’re going to list the landscaping tools and lawn equipment rental opportunities that are offered through our website. These include:

Earthmoving Equipment:

Rent-A-Tool offers earthmoving equipment to make your job easier. Instead of spending tons of dough to hire a company to come in and do the work, why not rent from us and get the job done yourself? We offer rentals for Bobcats & skidsteers, backhoes, mini excavators, and tractors with box blades.

Concrete Equipment:

If you’re thinking about adding a patio, sidewalk, or other concrete to your DIY landscaping project, then we’ve got you covered! We have all the things you need to complete a concrete project, including concrete buggies, bullfloats, mixers, finishers, floor grinders, concrete floor saws, concrete vibrators, wheelbarrows, concrete planers, paving breakers, and concrete mixers. Why waste your money buying these items when you can just rent them from us?

Garden & Lawn Equipment Rental:

Why hire a landscaper to create your dream yard when you can achieve the same results with the garden & lawn equipment rental tools available through Rent-A-Tool? Our landscaping equipment for rent include one and two man augers, hand augers, aerators, blowers, chippers, lawn edgers, hedge trimmers, lawn rollers, log splitters, lawn mowers, pruning saws, sod cutters, sprayers, and much, more! 


We understand that not everyone has a trailer on hand for transporting landscaping materials and equipment to and from a job. That's why we offer a variety of trailers to rent for your DIY landscaping project. Need a double axle trailer? We've got that for you! We also have dump trailers and landscaping trailers for rent.

Ready to rent a tool for your next project? Visit our equipment rental page for more information!