Nice wood floors inside a stark white interior room with open doors

It doesn’t take long into a project to realize how much easier it would be with a certain tool or piece of equipment. Imagine how frustrated the Egyptians must have felt trying to build a giant pyramid with only some hammers, stakes, and stones. Good money says the Egyptians could have appreciated a tool rental business. Well, one of the many areas of service Rent-A-Tool tries to provide for you is floor care equipment. 

Maybe the Egyptians would have just needed to make one layer of blocks if they had the tools for a proper floor. Maybe they made each subsequent layer to cover up the terrible flooring of the previous layer. They probably got to each level and said, “Welp, we’ve got no floor care equipment, so just add another layer, boys!” until they ran out of room. Somewhere on the Internet that theory likely exists. But for you, there is help. Check out our products list of tools and equipment to help you get your project finished and finished well. 

  • Shampooer
  • Dehumidifier
  • Hardwood Flooring Nailer
  • Floor Buffer 17”
  • Carpet Dryer
  • Carpet Extractor
  • Floor Edger
  • Nailer Hardwood
  • Carpet Stretcher
  • Buffer 12”
  • Buffer Sandpaper Pad
  • Carpet Iron
  • Carpet Stair Tool
  • Carpet Trimmer Hand
  • Knee Kicker
  • Roller Linoleum
  • Stripper (tile electric, tile hand)

If you have the money and the storage, owning this equipment is handy, but for everyone who needs to handle a project and just needs a little help from the right tools or equipment, Rent-A-Tool has a solution. So don’t make a pyramid out of a molehill. Just get the right tool and make it easy for yourself. Contact us for a great price on great floor care equipment!