A transit level in the foreground with a construction site in the background

Have you ever been stuck with an old school tape measure or level and thought, “There has to be a better way to do this?” The good news is that there are some fantastic tools for measuring and leveling and quality tool rental businesses like Rent-A-Tool carry them. For such a time as the one you may be experiencing right now, we carry a traditional carpenter’s level, builder’s level, transit level, and measuring wheel. 

  • The CARPENTER’S LEVEL, sometimes called mason’s level or standard or spirit level, is your traditional bubble-type, simple, easy-to-use tool for small applications. Readily accessible and inexpensive, the carpenter’s level is a must-have for many projects, from hanging a picture to setting boards and other materials (hopefully they are straight.)

  • The BUILDER’S LEVEL, sometimes called a dumpy level, is an optical device that allows for excellent horizontal measurement. This instrument can rotate 360 degrees and is commonly used in surveying, as well as more common applications in construction.  Although it cannot adjust vertically, the builder’s level continues to be an essential tool on many job sites, partly due to its versatile capabilities, ease of use, and affordability.

  • A TRANSIT LEVEL, commonly referred to as a telescope, in contrast, can move vertically, allowing for more applications like mapping objects more accurately and measuring some angles the builder’s level cannot. A transit level costs more, still requires two users, assembles with more parts, and often doesn’t replace the builder’s level. Being limited horizontally (the builder’s level can rotate 360 degrees), like any tool, the transit level is made for certain applications and not for others. But for the right use, a transit may be just what you need.


  • Our Measuring Wheels, sometimes called surveyor’s wheel, are used for distances beyond most measuring tapes and less than ones requiring precise measurements over greater distances. It also does well turning corners and providing simple, cheap, and quick results.

Rent-A-Tool has a very simple purpose: to provide quality products that are safe, effective, and readily available. If you are in need of a tool quickly that will get the job done and done well, contact us. Save some money, time, and toil and let us help you with our measuring wheels and our builder’s, carpenter’s, and transit level rental.