A man dressed in overalls and a hat is using a hedge trimmer on a row of green hedges

Customers may come to a rental business for a number of reasons. They may have been in the middle of a project and had equipment failure. They may only need certain tools once every four years and it’s not worth it to buy the piece of equipment. They might not have their own storage or the know-how to maintain equipment. Rent-A-Tool is here for all of those reasons, and we’re making it easier than ever to rent right now. Today we’re going to highlight our Lawn & Garden Tool Rental. 

Our business model is to provide high quality, well-maintained, readily available equipment at a reasonable price. There is a need for Lawn & Garden tool rental and we fill that need. Take our sod cutter for example. Unless you are in certain industries, you will not need one of these very often. But if you do, you really do. And they are not cheap. A decent sod cutter is thousands of dollars. So you can rent it from us for a small fraction. Then you just return it. No need to maintain it or provide storage for it. We do offer that benefit with dozens of pieces of equipment. Here’s a list of the high quality, read-to-go products we carry:

  • One Man Auger

  • Two Man Auger

  • Hand Auger

  • Aerator Hand

  • Aerator Towable

  • Aerator Towable Plugger

  • Aerator Plugger Gasoline

  • Blower Hand Held

  • Blower Back Pack

  • Blower Walk Behind

  • Chipper Brush Towable

  • Lawn Edger

  • Hedge Trimmer

  • Lawn Roller

  • Log Splitter

  • Lawn Mower

  • Lawn Mower Hi-Wheel

  • Saw Pruning Hand

  • Saw Pruning Gas

  • Rake Landscaping

  • Spreader

  • Spreader/Seeder

  • Shovel

  • Sod Cutter

  • Sprayer

  • Stump Grinder

  • Thatcher

  • Tillers

  • Trap

  • Trimmer String

  • Torch

  • Digging Bar

  • Pruning Saw with Clippers

As you can see, we have most anything you’ll need to complete a project. With our Lawn & Garden tool rental service, the saws have freshly sharpened blades, the spreader has recently been checked for functionality, the tanks are filled for use, and the equipment is always clean. In short, we are fulfilling our mission of providing you with always-ready tools and equipment that has been quality assured and expertly maintained…and at a reasonable price. 

Rent-A-Tool is known for its customer service and we would love a chance to showcase it for you. So, contact us if you need tools or equipment. We would love to serve you!