Yellow sparks fly as a man welds in a welding jacket and welding gloves

One of the many reasons we love what we do is we get to solve problems. An individual may come to us in a pinch, and we can help. They may come with the dilemma of renting vs buying, and we can help with that, too. If you would be better off buying a piece of equipment, we’ll tell you; but, for many situations, renting from Rent-A-Tool is a great option. For example, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a welder to use it a couple times a decade. Therefore, we have welding machine rental to help people out for a fraction of the cost.

Another situation people find themselves in is having to find a welder that’s inexpensive enough to justify how little it will be used, but also good enough that it’s easy to use, safe, durable, and effective. What we offer is high quality, well-maintained, safe, effective and dependable equipment. Our welding machine rental hits the sweet spot of using excellent equipment without the investment others may have to make. 

It’s also true that most people don’t feel comfortable repairing or maintaining their equipment. Between not having the time, knowledge, place, and interest, the upkeep of ownership is not a viable option for many people. We indirectly provide those things as well. Not only do we have storage that our customers may not, we also have a place to work on the equipment and the knowledge to do so. Your welding machine rental will come from people who know what they are doing. 

Let’s summarize. We love providing:

  • Convenience (items in stock and ready, eliminates your need for storage or a workshop, no need for maintenance, etc.)
  • Money Savings (good welding equipment is expensive)
  • Quality Assurance (proper and knowledgeable maintenance)
  • High Quality, Safe, and Dependable Equipment

With our welding machine rental, we offer 200 Amp Gas welders. While gasless welding machines have advantages, too, gas often provides a higher quality weld and is certainly superior for at some angles. The gas shielding on the flux cored wire also provides a better and quicker solidifying of the molten materials due to the coating it leaves. And, the gasless welding gives off more fumes, and some say there is less visibility while welding compared to gas systems.

We want you to know that we are eager to help you solve problems. We make having the best and safest equipment ready at your whim our number one goal. To check our welding machine rental or any other of our hundreds of tools and machinery, contact Rent-A-Tool here. We’re standing by!