A man and a woman holding big boxes awkwardly

Getting older we get wiser. We’ve had time now for a thousand little epiphanies that shape the way we see the world and ourselves. So it’s no wonder that after seeing the value of hard work and enjoying some of its fruits over the years that we get excited about getting work done. If someone had told us in our teens that eventually we would love being productive, we would have scoffed at that person. (And wait until he tells us we would someday covet our neighbor’s trees). It’s true. Now we measure the goodness of a day by how productive we were and whether we could see and enjoy the fruits of that work. Well, at Rent-A-Tool we look at dollies - and all small equipment rental - as our way to help people look back on their day with satisfaction. 

Not only are dollies arms and back savers but they are time savers and, consequently, life savers, that is, since time is what life is made of. Moving the neighbor’s piano could take five men a couple hours, or it could take 30 minutes with tri-wheel dollies. That’s time left over for getting to the baseball game of someone special, barbequing for friends, or whatever else. (Helpful Tip #1: You can save even more time by having a doctor’s note for a come-and-go back problem. We’re all about being productive, but everything in moderation, please.) Like all of our small equipment rental options, the right dolly can yield great results. 

Rent-A-Tool offers multiple dollies for many of the otherwise tedious, inefficient, time-sucking, and uncomfortable jobs. We provide:

  • Appliance Dollies
  • Four Wheel Dollies
  • Platform Dollies
  • Pallet Truck Dollies
  • Tri Wheel/Skate Wheel Dollies
  • Johnson Bar Dollies

If it’s heavy and awkward, we can usually help. Now, when we say “help,” just for clarity, we mean that we have a small equipment rental that will help. We’re not offering to physically help. In fact, every one of us here at Rent-A-Tool has a come-and-go back problem. It’s the strangest thing. We are primed and ready to load or attach your rental; however, once you leave the lot… (We joke.) But if a dolly will help you, we’re your people. 

Rent-A-Tool has been in the small equipment rental industry for almost 50 years, we have dozens and dozens of equipment items in stock, and we love, love our customers. Contact us for all your dolly or small equipment rental needs and give us a chance to help you own your project or task and get back to enjoying the fruits of your productivity!

(Tip #2: Don’t be the only friend with a truck. Other people will get a free move-in to their new home and you’ll get new scratches on your paint. If you find yourself as the only friend with a truck, we recommend standing in front of a mirror and practicing saying the word No! Be productive in other ways - you could be the person in the front of the moving truck’s cargo area stuffing items into holes like you’re playing Tetris.)